Nov. 6th, 2014

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Dear Ladystuck gifter,

Let me just say right off the bat - besides thank you! - that I know my prompts have quite a lot going on and (re-)reassure you that I don't expect you to hit everything there or even most things! That would be ridiculous. I tried to phrase all the suggestions as suggestions, but if in doubt, always do what you're comfortable with or would seem the most fun!

The same goes for this letter, a loving revamp of past letters. It's growing into a monster.

These clarifications are mainly directed at fic writers, but if you're an artist or interested in doing art, I will be really happy with your interpretations of these characters and themes. Some of them are really rare, so I will be delighted just to see them. Again, thank you!

Okay, so here we go (spoilers up to update, of course).

Prompt specific )

In general )

In terms of art, I am often drawn to: unusual hours of the day; unusual weather conditions; high contrast, high saturation, dramatic lighting; low saturation, soft lighting, subdued effects; limited color pallets; monochrome; unusual perspectives; repetitive architecture stretching back (bridges, staircases, traintracks, etc). Not all at the same time. Ah, this is silly, I like most things, including surprises: I defer to your judgment!

Mixing elements - from here or between prompts - is totally okay; on the flipside, only use what works for you, and don't don't DON'T stress out about including everything. If you have your own ideas, I will probably like those too, so run with them! I feed on the fannish energy of others, so if you're excited about what you're doing, I will be too.

Whew! A lot of these probably aren't even relevant to my prompts. I hope that wasn't too overwhelming and that you have some fun ideas! Thank you a ton, and please have a good time!

~ whilst

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