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Title: Auspex Syncopation
Fandom: Homestuck
Notes: Jade "Grandma" English/Rose "Mom" Lalonde
Summary: youll see me when you see me dont wait up ;)

Rose Lalonde's many first meetings with the Lady English.

Warnings: None;
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Main comm: [community profile] hs_worldcup
Team comm: [community profile] betasquad2014

Main Round Entry 1: Probability Matrix (DW/AO3)
        Even in doomed timelines, there are some unfortunate universal constants. (Guardianswap)

Main Round Entry 2: Celestial Cycle (DW/AO3)
        As the seasons cycle through, John Egbert faces increasingly bad luck of losing the people he's dating to space.

Collab Round Entry: One Hundred Lives (DW/DW (story comm))
        They win the game, but there's still a long way to go until happily ever after.

Some bonus round prompts before I got bored of tracking them )
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Title: Advanced Options
Fandom: DRAMAtical Murder
Notes: Clearao; Major: Aoba Seragaki, Clear, Minor: Tae Seragaki, Ren
Summary: An improbable design feature allows Aoba and Clear an alternative to a lifetime of immortal-robot-related angst and a more crowded happily ever after.

Presumably post-re:connect.

Warnings: None; immaculate conception, robot mpreg, emetophobia, crack!fic, off-screen pregnancy in case you were here for that
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Title: although the truth is free
Fandom: RWBY
Notes: Blake Belladonna, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long
Rarewomen fic for PerfidiousFate. Co-written with pressforward.
Summary: Although the cat is out of the bag...

A problem shared is a problem halved, but the problem itself doesn't disappear. Blake spends the day with her team and things are almost the same as they have always been.

Warnings: None; spoilers for the end of season 1
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Title: Adolescence of Bilious Slick
Fandom: Homestuck
Notes: Jade Harley/Rose Lalonde, Jane Crocker/Roxy Lalonde
Alternate Universe - Spies & Secret Agents; Worldbuilding
Ladystuck fic for CattaRegina.
Summary: For decades, DERSE has been maintaining the worlds of the Skaia System, protecting them from major catastrophe and spreading peace. But in recent times, a mysterious force has risen from the shadows leaving planet-wide destruction in its wake. Now it's up to Agent Roxy Lalonde to uncover buried plots, twisted allegiances, and the truth behind the history of her universe. Where she chooses to make her stand will determine the fate of worlds...

Warnings: None;
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Main comm: [community profile] hs_worldcup
Team comm: [community profile] thebetasquad

Main Round Entry 1: All Clear (DW/AO3)
        John enlists, and things fall apart.

Main Round Entry 2: The Internet Is, Strangely, Not For Porn (DW/AO3)
        A prank gone wrong gets the beta kids stuck in the confines of Youtube.

Main Round Entry 3: Vow of Thorns (DW/AO3)
        Rose takes a precious vow when chosen as a priestess for the Elder Gods, but cannot stand to give up the three most important people to her.

Collab Round Entry: The Throne Room (DW/Tumblr)
        The four gods share their favorite stories.

Some bonus round prompts before I got bored of tracking them )
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Title: A session and a time (for every matter under heaven)
Fandom: Homestuck
Notes: Hemera, Grandma English (Jade)
Rarewomen fic for dogtier.
Summary: « And what makes you think I would bargain with a lusus? All of you only ever want the same thing. »

An NPC friendship of sorts.
Warnings: None; mild references to events of Act 6
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Title: Actuate
Fandom: Homestuck
Notes: Rose Lalonde, Mom Lalonde (Roxy)
Ladystuck fic for Yukari (M_Peaches). Beta'd by pressforward and snakewife.
Summary: Dr. Roxy Lalonde becomes Mom as the world prepares to end.

Warnings: None; mild references to events of Act 6
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Title: annihilation, probably.
Fandom: Homestuck
Notes: Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, Jack Noir, horrorterrors
Summary: Why do bones have to be so delicious and enticing?

...Please read those warnings.


She knows his body, corded muscle, minimalist angles, thin bird bones healed over from multiple fractures. He's tough on the outside in the literal sense. It's not so different from hers.

His eyes are still half-open, shades are propped on his forehead. They're misted over, but literature would have you believe the eyes of the dead lose their spark. Her brother's eyes have retained their luster, as rich and red in life as in death. She runs her fingertip across their surface and he doesn't flinch. There's a fitting way to do this.

You enter through the soft places. )-----

      I've pressed so
      far away from
      my desire that

      if you asked
      me what I
      want I would,

      accepting the harmonious
      completion of the
      drift, say annihilation,


                      Continuity, A. R. Ammons


Warnings: #i didn't take this very seriously #dercest #hints of rosejack #blood #eye trauma #facial trauma #soft tissue trauma #lots of trauma in general #necrophilic undertones #gratuitous gore #vore #ritualistic cannibalism #that escalated quickly #incomplete #kids and fun #........ #yeah
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