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Since I failed to link them in my last entry, my two wonderful gifts!

Advisory by hhertzof is a Young Wizards and L'Engleverse crossover. I don't want to give it all away, but we have Nita being wonderful and wonderfully herself, adult Meg being a wizard and a mother, and a fantastic OC rabbit wizard. If you know both series (talk to me!), definitely give it a look over. It scratched my Meg Murry-O'Keefe itch but good!

Freedom/Feel like a motherless child by gloss explores the lives of Alphaverse Jade and Rose in three beautiful, creepy, detail and dialogue rich scenes. There is an excerpt from COtL and Betty Crocker is deliciously terrifying. This was so much fun, you guys.

While I'm reccing things, let me rec two more.

pick apart the day by Vintar was another fantastic piece to come out of rarewomen. It has all the Porrim. Porrim in Beforan society. Porrim mucking around early on in their session. Porrim with all of the Beforan ladies and one more. Gorgeous art and a tattoo theme. It really fleshed out my love for all of the Beforan women and had this great steady build for how life was before and after the game.

Mad Science Family Reunion by Elizabeth Culmer (edenfalling) was my gift from Ladystuck and is also Alphaverse Rose and Jade being sweet and funny and hideous flirts including a whole ton great banter and worldbuilding. It's part of a larger Alphaverse Guardian series if that is your kind of thing (it is mine).
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Dear Rarewoman writer,

This is my letter for ladystuck

It's a bit fandom-specific, so my apologies if you aren't writing Homestuck. Most things do still apply across the board – including loving all the other characters (at least for these canons) and wanting you to have a good time above all else.

I hope you'll find useful! Or reassuring. Or at least not overwhelming. I get excited and then just words a lot so I think the trick is to skim.

I will just add a general note or two:

For non-Homestuck canons, I can't be spoiled, so reference freely. Make things up! Also feel free to combine prompts or toss in other characters I didn't mention.

If you happen to know more than one of my canons and are interested in trying, I really enjoy crossovers and cross-canon parallels. Dairine and Kat and their robot connection jump to mind. Or... pretty much the entirety of L'Engleverse with Young Wizards. (Incidentally, other canons I hold dear to my heart include Discworld, Animorphs, Firefly, and the DCAU.) If you are able to make something like that work, I will be so pleased. But if this isn't your cup of tea, don't sweat it - I'm going to be pleased anyway!

Also, I would be interested in seeing queer sexual orientations or gender identities for. . . pretty much any of these women, whether it's casually taken for granted in the fic proper, or a addressed and developed as a plot item. (This is especially interesting for YW because identities are explicit and defined, and I've always wondered, what if you don't know yourself?) For most of these characters, the issue is never brought up, and thus open to rampant speculation! Wow, but don't feel pressured to make this happen.

TL;DR: 1) can't be spoiled 2) crossovers are excellent 3) I do like a casually queer cast - if you are so inclined!

I think that's about it, really. Thank you so much for attempting this (and having excellent tastes in fandoms). Please have fun!

~ whilst
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Oh man, there is a lot here. These are essentially modifications of my Ladystuck prompts which mostly had more than one character focus.

Echidna AND/OR Hemera - What is it like to be a Denizen of the game? How real are they? Maybe the specific bargains they considered for their players. Bargaining with Echidna seems essential to success; Hemera, maybe... not so much. Maybe something to do with their relationship with each other or the other denizens and/or their consorts, or even Gl'bgolyb. I'd just like to see an exploration of their experiences or what it means to be a gaming construct with multiple iterations. Do they know-remember past sessions or are they like Jack and discrete with each set of players? Bonus points for some mythology thrown around and for other weird meta things. If you want to work it in, I have a general weakness for unreliable narrators, the incongruously macabre, and identity politics.

For the lady Guardians, if you are interested, I actually would really love to see them together in any combination and there is more about that following. Otherwise, character studies, slices of life, backstory or future fic. . . I really enjoy the pesterlog aspect of Homestuck.

I'm just going to toss a bunch of ideas and combinations at you - feel free to ignore this entirely. (Shipping in this case means in any kind of relationship, romantic or not, friendly or not.)

Shipping )

Of course every other combination (Jade/Roxy, Rose/Jane, etc), or OT#s, or showing relationships with other characters (such as their charges?) is totally great too. In the wise words of ao3 user pressforward that I am lifting from an email: "Sometimes you just gotta do what your heart is all up and telling you, that's just how the wicked magic of life works."


Meg Murry - an AU reverse-role future where Meg is an international figure in the field of mathematics (or something) and Calvin is a stay-at-home father for their many offspring. Political intrigue! Mundane conflicts! What stays the same and what changes? Alternatively, an exploration of went into the choice she made and how she continues to fight the good fight. She faced down evil and annihilation as a child – where did that fire go?

Suzy Austin - Future fic! I am a big fan of future fic for child characters as you'll see. After A Ring of Endless Light and during Troubling a Star, Suzy had her whole life planned out. She knew she wanted to be a vet and knew she had the brains and will to pull it off. Did it happen? Unlike what Vicky thinks, knowing what you want doesn't necessarily make it easier to get it. I want to learn more about Suzy, her struggles from her own point of view, and the person she might have become.

Young Wizards

Nita Callahan – Future fic. I'd like to see Nita as a college student or young adult, but it would also be neat to see her as an older woman, maybe a Senior. How does she casually incorporate wizardry into her life? What about her specialization or reputation? How is everyone faring in the future and who is she still in touch with? (Does she still live near the ocean?)

Dairine Callahan – Aaand future fic, I'm sorry. I'd like to see Dairine faced with daily challenges – for instance, being a woman and entering into a male-dominated field, or juggling being an adult with wizard responsibilities – and toughing through them with whatever degree of diplomacy you think best. Her situation by the latest book is somewhat unresolved, but I'm not as interested in her romantic situation so much as how she is sharpened or mellowed by difficult experiences.

Gunnerkrigg Court

Katerina Donlan – I have such a weakness for robots and artificial intelligence and Kat is all over that. I also love the surrealism of Court life – which in many ways, Kat grew up with! Any study of Kat's relationship with birds or femininity or her hilarious parents would be really great. So would an implausible action-packed random adventure. And yes, I ship Annie and Kat, in any and every capacity that retains the comforting strength of their epic bromance.

Surma Stibnite – Backstory fic? I'm interested in all of Surma's relationships with all of the members of the old cohort, both while they were students, or even after graduation. Although I'm definitely interested in the romantic drama, including Reynardine's part, I'm especially invested in her friendship with Anja, who I'm as curious about as Surma. It would be interesting to see how everyone's relationships might parallel Annie's cast. A more political angle, with her role as medium and her SPOILER background, would also be very neat.


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