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[ Dear Author letter here ]

1. Hunter x Hunter (8)

Oh man, if you officially matched me on this fandom, I guess you already know who I am and what I like. Oops. But assuming that isn't the case, I should explain that I'm primarily familiar with the anime canon, but I'm perfectly happy to read about manga canon or an alternate universe of your choice, canon-divergent or contextual reassignment, etc.

Although for Kite and Mito, I'd prefer something canon compliant and my prompts will mostly be of that sort, but if you want to write college AU, diety AU, secret agent AU, or whatever, go for it!

Alluka Zoldyck - She's so mysterious and a little scary in canon, so it would be so interesting to try getting into Alluka's head. Killua who knows her best doesn't seem to fear her at all, but it's easy to see why everyone else does. I wonder if she understands why? I wonder how much she understands about herself. I'm requesting this because I have no idea how I would go about doing it, so I'm interested in seeing someone else try. If that is not your cup of tea, I am all over sibling complexes and I would totally enjoy fluffy post-rescue adventures and/or her impressions of Gon or others. If you want to hit up her backstory, absolutely talk about squiggly gender things if you like; I'm neither bothered by nor particularly invested in dysphoria.

Amane (Hunter X Hunter) - See Canary.

Biscuit Krueger - Backstory or present day fic? I'm curious about her early days, choosing her Nen ability, her training Wing, or experience proctoring the Exam. You could also focus in on one random relationship she could develop with another character, post or pre series. For example, what if (bear with me) implausible girls' night out with Palm where they end up gossiping about gems and hot boys and the finer points of mentor-student relationships? You can absolutely write about someone I haven't listed here or from an entirely different series (regardless of whether or not I'm apparently familiar with it) if the inspiration strikes you. Basically I would love to read about Bisky in any context.

Canary (Hunter X Hunter) - Zoldyck butler culture! For Canary, maybe how she was recruited? The Zoldycks seem to have a lot of connections to Meteor city; Canary is from there, as was Killua's mom according to word of God, and Kalluto joins the Troupe. For Amane, it's interesting that her grandmother is also a butler since they aren't allowed to have romantic entanglements; if she's her biological grandmother, did they join together later in life, or are there sometimes exceptions? And on the topic of romantic entanglements... at the airport, Canary called Amane cute and my imagination ran wild. If you feel up for it, I would love to see more of these two interacting with each other in a shippy way, platonic/romantic/whatever, either at some point later in canon, or AU.

Kaito | Kite - I'm going to use male pronouns here but I don't actually have a preference, and you should do whatever you want! I would be interested in seeing how he came to be aware of the memories of his past life. Did they integrate in slowly or too quickly, was there ever a sense of lost identity, or if his Nen type changed now that he's in a new body? How about his relationships; what it's like the navigate the world compared to before (now that he is short and sort of a rat)? Basically, what's different now and what is the same? What does he do about that tail?

Mito Freecs - Mito seems to change from canon to canon, although she's always The Mom (even when she's "the aunt"). There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I would like to see her go on an adventure of her own, and to face and overcome a problem however mundane or fantastic, or discover something exciting and new, or make her own friends from far off places. She and Bisky might get along? This could be early days or it could be some projected future where Gon is grown and she no longer needs to be his safe place.

Neferpitou - I'm going to use gender neutral pronouns here, but I still don't have a preference, so absolutely go with whatever you want. For Pitou, maybe something silly or horror-esque? What if ze had a chance to develop zir budding relationship with Komugi? What if ze adopted a litter of actual cats? Maybe in an alternate universe, ze's the keynote speaker at a medical science convention and everyone attending regrets it, or in this universe Chimera Ants have integrated with human society and ze makes a field trip to Greed Island and everyone attending regrets it. (Or maybe everything turns out fine. It could happen.) Also... you definitely don't need to write it, but I am very comfortable with gratuitous gore.

Palm Siberia - How did Knov's stipulation come about? Besides being a plot device, is there a reason she couldn't enter without Gon and Killua, but also couldn't fight in the contest in their place? Couldn't she work with Knuckle and Shoot just as well? She obviously has some combat ability since she took on Killua, but we don't see her making too much use of it, as opposed to her reconnaissance and hardcore makeup game. What... is up with that mermaid? Is she related to them in canon or something?

2. Shoujo Kakumei Utena | Revolutionary Girl Utena (7)

You cannot go wrong with future fic. Or, considering the canon, I may just mean post-series fic. This can mean post-graduation fic for anyone, but it could just be how the characters cope at Otori when the duels have ended and the Rose Bride has left. This is a tricky canon, but I'm very easy-going about interpretations so try not to worry about it.

If you want focus on or mix-and-match Adolescence canon, that would be fun. If you want to write contextual reassignment AU, I would prefer if you tried to export the surrealism of the canon along with the general shapes of relationships. In tone, I think I'm mostly looking for something positive and hopeful from this series rather than angsty after everyone has already suffered so much. I ship the heck out of Anthy and Utena, but I'm a poly multi shipper so if you add someone in or write something else, it would interest me just as much.

Arisugawa Juri - Future fic where Juri gets a future she can be content with and maybe some distance from her past. Her arc hits very close to home for me because it so often seems that she clearly sees both the problem and solution – only to be blind-sided by emotions she can't rationalize away no matter how hard she tries. I'd like to either see her move forward, or to see her after she has successfully moved forward. As a note, I love Shiori (and how terrible she is) and I'm not a huge fan of Ruka (except when he's textually and explicitly also terrible in his own way), but neither of them need to show up. I also really enjoy her friendship with Miki, although the same for him.

Chida Tokiko - Something metaphysics-y. The fascinating thing about Tokiko for me (and quite likely, for you), is in the way she is poised between Otori and the world outside it. She managed to leave so thoroughly that she could casually return for a visit. When all the other characters are struggling with this boundary between childhood and adulthood (if that is how you see it), her position is powerful, but not apparently threatening to Akio. Why is she able to do travel easily and how much does she understand about what is going on in Otori?

Himemiya Anthy - Future fic, preferably hideously shippy, I'm sorry. In particular, I love the idea of her being ancient and ageless and mythological when she enters into this relationship with a human girl, and being repeatedly surprised by surprise. If you'd rather write about her without Utena, it might be interesting to see her relationship to princess and witch concepts in the real world, or the connection between Otori and the shadow girls' universe of aliens, robots, and monkeys.

Kiryuu Nanami - Future fic or maybe political AU fic? I would like to see Nanami making her way on her strengths, charisma, organization skills, and ruthlessness. Even if her self-confidence took a hit from her brother's games, she spent a lot of time delicately wielding power and I'd like to see her apply it to her own ends. If you want to try something less serious, a Nanami styled gag-episode, maybe with space aliens, would be great.

Mrs. Ohtori (Utena) - We don't get a great first impression of Mrs. Ohtori. She's having relations with her daughter's fiancé... and that is pretty much all we really know about her. I wouldn't want you to excuse her; a redemptive take would be interesting if you can imagine one, but I'm struggling with it. I don't think we can have someone equal Akio but my taste in terrible people would like to see the attempt and I would like to see something spiteful and toxic and witchy. She's not what we see as Akio's usual type; I'd like to see her wielding her age and experience for her own gain and against the world, and deliberately selfish, maybe like a grown Shiori.

Shinohara Wakaba - Future fic. One of the things I love about Wakaba is her tragic awareness of her role as a side-character. She spends most of her time brushing it aside in her own mind, but I would like to see her come to terms with it in a natural way, that it's a real and true thing that she feels, and that there's a life beyond narrative where it isn't true at all.

Tenjou Utena - I'm sorry, I really want shippy fic with Anthy, no one is surprised. Shippy fic with Juri or Wakaba, romantic/platonic/sexual, is absolutely wanted as well. Oh, here's one. Utena has always been such a nice person. What if older Utena could spend time with her younger self? Maybe teach her some stretches and have a conversation? Introduce her to her wife.

3. Austin & Murry-O'Keefe Families - Madeleine L'Engle (4)

Kali Cutter - Future fic! I'm torn between wanting to see her redeemed, and wanting to see her femme fatale her way viciously through adulthood. Either or a blend would be fantastic. I would love it if she could be contrived to meet Vicky or Polly again. I... also vaguely ship her with Zach Gray because can you imagine, but don't worry about it.

Meg Murry | Meg O'Keefe - an AU reverse-role future where Meg is an international figure in the field of mathematics (or something) and Calvin is a stay-at-home father for their many offspring. Political intrigue! Mundane conflicts! What stays the same and what changes? Alternatively, an exploration of what went into the choice she made and how she continues to fight the good fight. She faced down evil and annihilation as a child – where did that fire go?

Suzy Austin - Future fic! I am a big fan of future fic for child characters as you'll see. After A Ring of Endless Light and during Troubling a Star, Suzy had her whole life planned out. She knew she wanted to be a vet and knew she had the brains and will to pull it off. Did it happen? Unlike what Vicky thinks, knowing what you want doesn't necessarily make it easier to get it. I want to learn more about Suzy, her struggles from her own point of view, and the person she might have become.

Vicky Austin - Future fic, I'm sorry. I'd like to see her struggle with something a twenty-something person would struggle with. As much as I ship her with Adam (and I really do), I'm fine if they break up. I would really enjoy seeing her taking him to task... It would also be really interesting if she met, even just in passing, Polly, or Meg, (or, because I'm awful, Kali).

4. Persona 4 (6)

I'm generally familiar primarily through the anime, although I have passing familiarity with the first game from looking over the shoulders of friends who were actually doing the playing. I'm not as familiar with Golden or Arena et al. or P3 but I'd be perfectly happy with their inclusion. This doesn't have to mean anything to you except that there's a good chance I trust your canon knowledge more than mine; take liberties! I also really like when game mechanics are worked into stories from video game canons, even though in cases like this, I have pretty much no personal experience with said mechanics. If it comes up, I have no preferences as to the protagonist's name, Yu or Souji, and don't care if you keep to his canonical gender.

For most of the characters, I would like to see present or future fic; more of the same of their lives in Inaba, or maybe several years down the line, where they end up and what they end up doing. As far as shipping or side-shipping goes, I am happy with anything and with gen, so whatever would work best for your story is fair game.

Ebihara Ai - Future fic, as above. I would like to see a grown-up Ai still working on shaping herself and dealing with some of the harsh things she's internalized, and maybe using some of those experiences to have empathy for someone else. For example, maybe an older Ai has some wise words (or could use them) from a Nanako with bullying or body image issues.

Dojima Nanako (Persona 4) - Future fic, as above. I'm sorry I don't have much direction for you. Something slice-of-life with an older Nanako? There are a couple fic out there where Nanako is interested in women, and I cannot get enough of that, although of course you don't have to take it in this direction.

Izanami (Persona 4) - Maybe her relationships with her avatars? Why are they all men? I would like to see how she gets on, post-series (assuming whichever ending you like), so I'm afraid future fic applies here too. Maybe something creepy or sad? Or something disquieting or sweet with Nanako?

Gas Station Attendant (Persona 4) - I'm using gender neutral pronouns here, but go ahead and use whatever you would like. In the anime, they hang around the town on rainy days. I'd like to know how real are they, and if they have any genuine connections with the townspeople. After Izanami's test, maybe there were relationships worth staying for? It could be fun to see their interactions with the other cast members. What if they have to bend over backwards to avoid shaking hands and what if that failed?

Kujikawa Rise - Future fic, still. Maybe something with friendship themes where she works her Inaba experiences in her idol work, or whatever you think her future profession may be. Maybe she works in acting, or fashion, or she suddenly drops off the public map to do research work for the Kirijo Group. (I thought I was kidding about that last one, but actually. Hm.)

Kuroda Hisano (Persona 4) - Future fic, as above. Her life in the town after the protagonist has left, and her relationships with her neighbors. Maybe she gets a chance to see him again. Maybe she has a strange conversation with the gas station attendant or the fox. Maybe she takes up fishing? Make it past fic if you like. Or AU. Whatever bits and pieces about her you can give me, I'll take gladly.

5. Gunnerkrigg Court (4)

Anja Donlan - Anja could be a great portal into the side of court life we mostly don't get to see because a lot of the mysteries of GC are probably things she can take for granted. Speculate and make stuff up! What does she do day to day? Did she ever fall in improbable love with a bird? I'm interested in all of her relationships: with Surma, her husband, her daughter, and Court as a significant entity in her life.

Katerina Donlan - I have such a weakness for robots and artificial intelligence and Kat is all over that. I also love the surrealism of Court life – which in many ways, Kat grew up with! Any study of Kat's relationship with birds or femininity or her hilarious parents would be really great. So would an implausible action-packed random adventure. And definitely shippy stuff with her canon girlfriend and with Annie (platonic or romantic or whatever you would like), if you are up for it.

Lindsey (Gunnerkrigg Court) - Domesticity when you're a giant crab? I'm sorry, I just want to read about the logistics involved with being a giant crab in a school, and/or maybe cute marriage stuff as applied to giant crabs with tiny crab husbands.

Surma Stibnite – Backstory fic? I'm interested in all of Surma's relationships with all of the members of the old cohort, both while they were students, or even after graduation. Although I'm definitely interested in the romantic drama, including Reynardine's part, I'm especially invested in her friendship with Anja, who I'm as curious about as Surma. It would be interesting to see how everyone's relationships might parallel Annie's cast. A more political angle, with her role as medium and her SPOILER background, would also be very neat.
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