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Since I failed to link them in my last entry, my two wonderful gifts!

Advisory by hhertzof is a Young Wizards and L'Engleverse crossover. I don't want to give it all away, but we have Nita being wonderful and wonderfully herself, adult Meg being a wizard and a mother, and a fantastic OC rabbit wizard. If you know both series (talk to me!), definitely give it a look over. It scratched my Meg Murry-O'Keefe itch but good!

Freedom/Feel like a motherless child by gloss explores the lives of Alphaverse Jade and Rose in three beautiful, creepy, detail and dialogue rich scenes. There is an excerpt from COtL and Betty Crocker is deliciously terrifying. This was so much fun, you guys.

While I'm reccing things, let me rec two more.

pick apart the day by Vintar was another fantastic piece to come out of rarewomen. It has all the Porrim. Porrim in Beforan society. Porrim mucking around early on in their session. Porrim with all of the Beforan ladies and one more. Gorgeous art and a tattoo theme. It really fleshed out my love for all of the Beforan women and had this great steady build for how life was before and after the game.

Mad Science Family Reunion by Elizabeth Culmer (edenfalling) was my gift from Ladystuck and is also Alphaverse Rose and Jade being sweet and funny and hideous flirts including a whole ton great banter and worldbuilding. It's part of a larger Alphaverse Guardian series if that is your kind of thing (it is mine).
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