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Dear Rarewoman writer,

This is my letter for ladystuck

It's a bit fandom-specific, so my apologies if you aren't writing Homestuck. Most things do still apply across the board – including loving all the other characters (at least for these canons) and wanting you to have a good time above all else.

I hope you'll find useful! Or reassuring. Or at least not overwhelming. I get excited and then just words a lot so I think the trick is to skim.

I will just add a general note or two:

For non-Homestuck canons, I can't be spoiled, so reference freely. Make things up! Also feel free to combine prompts or toss in other characters I didn't mention.

If you happen to know more than one of my canons and are interested in trying, I really enjoy crossovers and cross-canon parallels. Dairine and Kat and their robot connection jump to mind. Or... pretty much the entirety of L'Engleverse with Young Wizards. (Incidentally, other canons I hold dear to my heart include Discworld, Animorphs, Firefly, and the DCAU.) If you are able to make something like that work, I will be so pleased. But if this isn't your cup of tea, don't sweat it - I'm going to be pleased anyway!

Also, I would be interested in seeing queer sexual orientations or gender identities for. . . pretty much any of these women, whether it's casually taken for granted in the fic proper, or a addressed and developed as a plot item. (This is especially interesting for YW because identities are explicit and defined, and I've always wondered, what if you don't know yourself?) For most of these characters, the issue is never brought up, and thus open to rampant speculation! Wow, but don't feel pressured to make this happen.

TL;DR: 1) can't be spoiled 2) crossovers are excellent 3) I do like a casually queer cast - if you are so inclined!

I think that's about it, really. Thank you so much for attempting this (and having excellent tastes in fandoms). Please have fun!

~ whilst
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