Nov. 14th, 2015

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Dear gifter!

Just some quick notes? In general, I am a poly-multi-shipper, by which I mean I ship all over the place, often in parallel, and not to exclusivity. When I say ship, I mean positive or negative and romantic/sexual/platonic; I don't have any squicks or triggers and can go pretty hard, kink-wise, but I also really like gen so just do what makes you happy. Have fun writing or arting and I'm sure I'll love what you create.

Prompts and additional prompt specific notes:

1. [Rose Lalonde; Jade Harley; Rose/Jade; no rating] Any sort of AU where one or both juggles a secret alternate identity over the course of their courtship/relationship. Maybe one is a mythical creature on the side. Or radio host. Or Smash Bros world champion, and the other is her rival. Or what about a superheros(/super-villains) au? We already have Jade as Iron Lass (although by all means, change it up).

I just really really want identity porn. In spite of the term, actual porn is very much not required. I'm usually not a fan of poor communication as a plot device, but I'm such a sucker for this dynamic that my disbelief is not so much suspended as rocketing through the stratosphere at escape velocity. You can get away with anything you need to make it work, so please take it as far as you want for any prompt, either listed or your own idea. If you want to throw in hints of additional ships in there, I would not complain; I am also a beta ot4, rosemary, and general rarepair shipper, and I love cameos.

2. [Latula Pyrope; Neophyte Redglare; pairing?; no rating] This is an AND/OR sort of prompt; I would be delighted to have piece where Latula meets (/shares a frame/otherwise communicates) with her alternate universe self, but I'm just as happy to have something that focuses on just one of them. Some possible activities, solo or together or with someone else: investigate a haunting, organize a rally, adopt a ... creature of any sort, arts-and-crafts with Terezi.

I realize this is not terribly specific. Okay what if... canon-divergent/compliant AU where the Pyralspites somehow allows both iterations of its daughters to leave the equivalent to telepathic emails which they use to compare situations and give each other advice? Or contextual reassignment AU where Latula is introduced to Redglare in a legal professional context, by meet-cute or Terezi, and they wind up talking shop at a skatepark?

Again, while I do want to see Latula and her legislacerator counterpart spending time together and my prompts reflect that, I would also be interested in seeing just one with no mention of the other. Any F/F ship for either of them is fine including with each other, or no ship at all. One request for this prompt specifically (which may not even be necessary in this challenge) is if you write Latula and they come up, to please not include any shipping with Kankri and to keep any side-shipping with Mituna positive.

3. [Jadesprite; The Handmaid; pairing?; no rating] It's a little out there, but I'd like to see something at least loosely canon-compliant between these two. Jadesprite's arc ends in uncertain death with her re-assimilation in Jade, where she seemed to exist as the lingering memories but not as, strictly, a person or personality. Such a nebulous demise might cause some complications for an alien agent of death.

Gee, upon rereading this... there was some strange wording going on in this prompt. I've fixed it a bit here. Basically, I'm looking for art or fic grappling with the ambiguous finality of Jadesprite's death/re-assimilation with Jade and with the Handmaid's mythological association with death. Also, possibly Jadesprite's post-mortem interactions with aliens (cherub and troll). If it helps, I'm very fond of (the complexities in) defining identity, anthropomorphic personifications, the dream bubble mechanic, and Beforus's Damara.


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