Nov. 5th, 2014

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1. [Jadesprite (or rather, dead-dreamer Jade); Calliope/Any Beforan Gal/Someone else?/Or not; shipping optional; no rating] -

JADE: i cant shake the feeling that we have spoken before
JADE: maybe in an old dream i cant remember?

Jadesprite mentions making friends while dead, "mostly trolls." I would love to read about pre-sprite Jadesprite's encounters while floating through the dreambubbles, recovering from the violent loss of her friends and future. My top choices would be actually be Calliope (who the above quote is about), followed by Latula or Porrim, although anyone would be great. If you want to do really short scenes with each troll, that would be really, really neat. If you don't want to include anyone else specific at all, that would be okay too.

I don't think Jadesprite's on-screen appearances were able to capture the strength of her character, even in loss - how moving on after death was a brave and healthy move, not a selfish one - and I love absentminded dreamerselves and the way they remind me of students on late Saturdays nights. Just give me pre-sprite Jadesprite moving on like she deserves to do so.

2. [Jade Harley; Roxy Lalonde; shipping optional; no rating] - So, Jade and Roxy. I feel like these two would get along like a house on fire. A fire they may have started themselves. They have quite a few things in common (carapaces! guns! gadgets!) but are literally from different universes. What would they commiserate about or teach each other? What kind of trouble could they get into, either on a large-scale let's-fuck-with-the-game level, or a small-scale silly one? It would be nice to catch a glimpse of the other kids. I *think* I'd prefer a positive relationship, established or otherwise, shippy or otherwise, but make it horrible if that's what you like. (Er, and you don't have to take this into consideration, but I'm a Dave/Jade shipper along with being a ridiculous multishipper.)

3. [Mom Roxy Lalonde; Mom Rose Lalonde; shipping optional; no rating] - Kind of breaking across the walls of time-space here, but I want to see what kind of relationship these two could have had, given a chance - especially with both of them being Guardians and the twist this may add to their perspectives. What do Guardians get up to while their kids are busy and how do they know to do it? I'd like it to be relatively canon-compliant (as opposed to an extreme AU universe). I'd also like intimacy or at least familiarity (and closure!), but it doesn't have to be a positive or healthy interaction. Trainwrecks are fun too! And I'd love some pesterlog action if you can manage it.

4. [Echidna; shipping optional; no rating] - What is it like to be a Denizen of the game? How real is she, *really*? Maybe the specific bargains she may have considered for Jade/Kanaya/ Porrim/ Calliope. Or maybe something to do with her relationship with Typhus and/or the consorts. I'd just like to see an exploration of her experiences or what it means to be a gaming construct with multiple iterations. Bonus points for some mythology thrown around and for other weird meta things. If you want to work it in, I have a general weakness for unreliable narrators, the incongruously macabre, and identity politics.

5. [Damara Megido; Rose Lalonde; shipping optional; no rating] - I am interested in seeing Rose and Damara interact based on this scene from the flash game. Especially for this prompt, I am definitely open to AUs. Here is a suggestion:

College AU. Rose has one perception of Aradia's sister, but while at an off-campus cafe, she hears Damara perform spoken word, and this complicates her opinion about her. Rose becomes bent on persuading Damara to join her slam poetry team. Perhaps her tactics are flirtatious. Damara escalates passive-aggressively. There might be a rap battle. Are they really bluffing?

I would like Damara to make a personal connection, but I don't mind what kind of relationship she and Rose develop, sexual/romantic/platonic, or if it's healthy. I'm also open to whether or not Rose succeeds. Ultimately, I'm very curious about Damara and her own poetry would be an interesting vehicle through which to learn about her. I also believe Rose would be able to reach her where maybe others could not.

I love Damara's current canon attitude and personality and I would prefer if she were to retain this through whatever events you choose. As a note, not because I think you need it but just in case, I know their history could invite it, but I still love all the other homestuck girls so please don't bash anyone. (And by anyone, I mean Meenah. Don't excuse her but, like.) I also love RoseKanaya so if you choose to include this ship, I would prefer if you didn't have them break up to bring Rose and Damara together.

This is only a suggestion, so feel free to make your own AU idea, and a canon-compliant fic would be great too.

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